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& What to Expect During your Session

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my appointment be?

Most sessions last 1 to 1.5 hours.


What should I wear?

Typical client attire is exercise clothing or swim trunks.  T-shirts and stretchy shorts are fine!  It's important for you to feel comfortable during your session, so please choose to wear whatever is right for you. 


Where are you located?
The office is located in Kailua, an easy drive from Honolulu or any area of Oahu.. Call 808.754.7034 or send an email for detailed directions. 

Who gets Rolfed?
Professional athletes,weekend warriors, moms, dads, children, seniors, office workers, construction workers, musicians, people recovering from accidents or trauma, people with chronic pain, people in good health who want to be in great health... 

Why is it called Rolfing?
The founder of Rolfing Structural Integration was a biochemist named Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Early students referred to it as "Rolfing" and the name stuck.

Do I have to sign up for all 10? I'm not ready for that level of commitment...
Chad will work with you to plan a program of treatment that works with your time and financial constraints. At the very minimum, a commitment to three sessions is highly recommended if a particular issue needs to be addressed. 

Is it true that it's very painful?
'Pain' is a subjective experience for everyone. Chad works with each individual client to determine pain tolerance, and encourages every client to communicate immediately if he/she is uncomfortable. That being said, it can be uncomfortable at times to reset chronic patterns. Often, when a client does experience discomfort during a session, he/she describes it as a 'good' kind of pain that disappears immediately once contact is removed, which is quite different from chronic pain that lasts for years. Some clients are surprised to find that Rolfing sessions are often extremely subtle and gentle.

Do you have Gift Certificates?
Gift Certificates are available for purchase. Call 808-754-7034 to order or pick up.

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